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Kigoda Sustainability Basket on EasyEquities

7 December 2017

Kigoda Consulting has launched the Kigoda Sustainability Basket on the EasyEquities platform. The companies selected for the Kigoda Sustainability Basket offer potential solutions to various long-term sustainability challenges facing South Africa as part of their operations. These challenges include environmental issues such as resource scarcity, waste management and climate change, and social issues such as demographic changes, infrastructure deficits and inequality. The companies operate in a range of sectors including health, education, and affordable housing development.

Kigoda Consulting has used a combination of sustainable investment strategies to select a suitable group of shares to form a Sustainability Basket. These include:

  • Negative screening, which uses environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to exclude companies that operate in sectors with high ESG impacts or exhibit poor behaviours.
  • Positive screening, which was then used to select companies that provide potential solutions to various sustainability challenges.​


  1. Advtech Limited (ADH) – Advtech provides private education at a primary, secondary and tertiary level. Its brands include CrawfordSchools, Trinityhouse, Abbotts College and Varsity College.
  2. Ascendis Health Limited (ASC) – Ascendis Health has businesses across a range of health and wellness segments. The main divisions include Consumer Brands, which provides over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and sports nutrition, and Pharma-Med, which covers medical devices and prescription medicines.
  3. Calgro M3 Holdings Limited (CGR) – Calgro is a residential property developer focused on the lower end of the market. The company applies green building practices in all its integrated housing developments.
  4. Curro Holdings Limited (COH) – Curro provides independent education at pre-primary, primary and secondary level through its Curro and Meridian brands. It also provides accredited teaching qualifications at the Embury Institute for Higher Education.
  5. Mpact Limited (MPT) – Paper and packing company Mpact is South Africa’s largest paper recycler and in July 2017 launched a R46m liquid packing plant that will recycle 25000 tonnes of products annually.
  6. Rolfes Holdings Limited (RLF) – Rolfes’ chemical and organics products are used in the agricultural, food and industrial sectors. The Mining and Water Chemicals division provides silica and other solutions for water filtration, treatment and purification, in addition to water management services.
  7. Transaction Capital Limited (TCP) – Financial services group Transaction Capital has two divisions: SA Taxi, which provides credit and other services to the minibus taxi industry, and Transaction Capital Risk Services, which provides credit risk management solutions and services, including working capital finance, to SMEs.
  8. Zeder Investments Limited (ZED) – While Zeder’s 27% stake in JSE-listed Pioneer Foods is its most significant holding, Zeder’s investment portfolio includes a range of agribusinesses including Kaap Agri, which is an agricultural retail and trade company, and Zaad Holdings, which develops, import and distributes agricultural seeds through Africa.

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