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Building South Africa’s responsible investment movement

11 May 2016

AfricaSRI has published a blog post titled Why South Africa needs a Responsible Investment civil society network. The piece argues that South Africa needs a network of civil society organisations that will work towards making capital markets more sustainable. ShareAction, a UK-based charity, provides a good model for this. AfricaSRI identifies a number of ways in a civil society organisation could build on initiatives such as the JSE SRI Index and the Code for Responsible Investing in South Africa (CRISA). These include:

  • Supporting NGOs already working to improve corporate accountability by ensuring that key finding are brought to the attention of the relevant investor audience
  • Boosting transparency of asset managers by undertaking independent benchmarking surveys
  • Driving change in asset owners to establish responsible investment mandates
  • Giving individual investors a voice through communication campaigns and training so that they are empowered to raise issues with institutional investors, fund managers and companies.

You can find the post here:


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