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AfricaSRI – A Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Investment in sub-Saharan Africa

4 March 2016

Kigoda Consulting has recently launched AfricaSRI – A Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa. The website aims to address some of the confusion, especially among individual pension holders and retail investors, over what SRI is, how it works, and how they can play a role in building more sustainable capital markets.

It includes sections on SRI Initiatives, SRI Strategies, Regulatory Frameworks for SRI, and SRI Funds. It also sets out what individuals can do to ensure that their pension fund or other investments are not supporting companies that exploit their employees, pollute the environment or pay their executives excessive amounts. These include:

  • Writing or emailing pension funds or investment managers to understand where your money is invested and how it is managed.
  • Asking about alternative funds available in your pension funds.
  • Asking whether an asset manager:

    • has a sustainable investing policy
    • discloses proxy voting results – are these for each resolution or just summaries? Are explanations given
    • Discloses its engagement with various investee companies – what were the aims of the engagement, what results were shown and what are the next steps?
  • Voting on shareholder resolutions and attend AGMS and ask questions.

AfricaSRI’s most recent blog considers the options for tobacco free investing in South Africa


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